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Original medals (depending on the group) can be very valuable and we would always recommend that they should be kept in a safe or under lock and key.  We have had a number of clients come to us when their medals have been stolen or lost in a disaster e.g. cyclone, fire.  If this happens to you please contact us for advice on how you can apply for another original set.  A medal recipient may apply for one replacement set only.


When you wear your medals you will, of course, get finger prints on them.  Before you put them away - we suggest you wipe them carefully. You can purchase cloths which are especially for cleaning jewellery and these work well.  Failing that, wipe your medals with a lint free cloth or, with white kitchen paper towel.  Beware of coloured cloth as the dye may be acidic and cause your medals to discolour. If medals are not cleaned properly before they are stored the acid from your finger prints may begin to eat into the metal and cannot then be polished off.
In order to keep your medals looking good we always return mounted medals to you in an acid-free wallet.


If you are concerned to know, for insurance purposes, what your medals are worth we can give you an estimate of their value.  The valuation will be without prejudice as there are many things that could affect the price you actually obtain if you were to sell the medals. We are happy to assist people find out if they have their full complement of medals.  We can recommend web sites to go to, and give you forms to fill out and addresses to which the forms should be sent.