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Please phone or arrange an appointment to discuss your order and obtain a quote

Please note: Our prices include the cost of dismantling medals/medal groups, cleaning the medals, supplying new ribbon and re-mounting them with brooch on the back, ready to wear. No other costs are usually charged unless clasps or rosettes are required.

If medals are badly tarnished and we need to give them special cleaning attention, we will discuss with you any additional cost for that cleaning.   The products we use come from overseas and therefore incur an extra cost.

Court mounted medals will normally be mounted on matte board. On request a "high impact plastic" board can be used (making the medal group more rigid and water proof) for an extra charge of $2.00 per medal group.

Clients, please be aware:

When providing replica medals, we reserve the right to request some form of authentication as to the identity and entitlement of the person to whom the medals are attributed. Service may be refused if there is a reasonable doubt as to the bona fides of the transaction.

In line with protocol as per Defence Honours & Awards and policy statements issued by numerous Service Organisations - we will not mount commemorative and other unawarded medals within a group of medals which properly appear on the "Order of Wearing".